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Crime and Public Safety

I believe marijuana use should be decriminalized.  I support the second amendment and support gun safety laws.


Economy, Budget and Taxes

I am opposed to a state income tax or a state sales tax. I support family and medical leave.



 I support public education and more equitable funding of education by the state.  I support affordable choices for a college education.


Energy and Environment

I support clean, renewable energy and a clean environment.  We need to do more to reduce pollution, recycle more, and re-use more.  Climate change is real and each person needs to reduce their carbon foot-print. 



Healthcare should be affordable and accessible to all. I support expansion to medicare as one choice for insurance.  More needs to be done to reduce healthcare costs and prescription drug costs.  There should be improved access to mental health.


Politics and Political Process

I support campaign finance reform and the repeal of "Citizens United".  There is too much corporate and out-of-state money influencing our elections.  I support automatic voter registration and less restriction on voting rights.


Social Issues

I support a women's right to choose and reproductive freedom.  I support LGBQT rights.  I support increased funding for mental health


Transportation and Recreation

I support improvements to our transportation infrastructure.  I support electronic vehicles and more charging stations in NH

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