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Learn about my background, my career, and my family


I've been a Belmont, NH resident for eleven years.  I've been married 42 years; we have a son and a daughter.  I retired in 2014 after a 40-year career spent mostly working in IT services in high tech firms.  I am now a full-time volunteer.  I've taught adaptive skiing and snowboarding at Gunstock.  I'm a mission pilot for the NH Wing of the Civil Air Patrol.  I'm  President of the Board for Belknap House, a family homeless shelter serving Belknap County.  I'm very active in my church as the worship committee chairperson and lead a course on Exploring Your Spirituality.  I've been a team leader for serving meals at Hands Across The Table.


During my 40 year career I did many different jobs: taught statistics at Temple University, IT consultant for Digital Equipment Corporation, Worldwide-support manager for selected software products, Worldwide product service manager, Business Operations manager for US Educational and Consulting Services, Business Re-engineering consultant; World-wide planning manager for Customer Services Organization,  US Professional Services Planning Manager,  Program Manager, Director of Services Administration.

I've also supported the communities I've lived in by coaching soccer teams, refereeing soccer games, leading a Cub Scout Pack, serving on a town committee, and  ski patrolling  at a local ski area.

For recreation, I enjoy hiking, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, paddleboarding, sailing, scuba diving, wind-surfing, golfing, boating, wakeboarding, and swimming.


My wife is an artist and retired program manager from the high tech field.  Our son is a civil and environmental engineer.  He is married to a physician's assistant working at a Boston hospital.  They have a two daughters.   Our daughter is an enterprise sales executive for cloud services.  She is married to a US sales manager for a major jewelry company.


Supporting a better future

The US and the State of NH are facing challenging times.  Our freedoms to vote, control medical procedures for our bodies,  and discuss issues in public schools are under attack. Climate change is a threat to all of us.  Health and housing are not affordable for many in our community.  Jobs are often dependent on learning new skills and techniques.  Mental illness and drug issues require more support from our community.  Schools must adjust to changing enrollments, threats to safety, new teaching methodologies, budget issues, and diversity and inclusion.  Our community infrastructure (roads, bridges, utilities) are aging faster than they can be upgraded and replaced.  Chemical and air pollution threaten our land and water.  Technology is evolving faster than our government can address new policies and regulations to protect us from damaging uses of the new technology.


New Hampshire needs more state representatives that actually represent and listen to their constituents.  Representatives need to research issues and decide policies based on science -- not on hearsay and mis-information.  I want to make the future better for the next generation.  I promise to bring transparency to state government.  I will hold monthly meetings within the town to listen to people's feedback and ideas.

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